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My Friend Is Famous

So my pal Jessica is going to be a HOST at this fancy awards show.  It is called the Artists In Music Awards and despite the fact that I didn’t really read their site, I can tell you with 0% conviction that it is an awards...

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Milla Jovovich Scared Me

I don’t know what Campari is.  I looked on their website but it’s one of those sites that assume people already know what they sell so I’m just going to say Italian booze and soda.  The point of this post...

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Podcaturday – Voice Mails

We got voice mails from Coffin Nail Neil, Dr. Nob, Adorable Kate, Jim Ryan and Kenny.  Listen to them and decide which one you like best.  Or think about Milla Jovovich in that ridiculous dress with her face all skull-looking. ...

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