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YouTuesday – F U

It’s Tuesday again already?  Ugh….ok, ok.  *Grabbing first thing I come across* Here is a video featuring a bunch of movie clips where people are flipping somebody off, set lovingly to that one song.  You know the...

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Death Defying Links 10-19-11

25 actors you didn’t know appeared in Star Trek. A bike that runs on crap?  Oh, Japan.  I can’t quit you. Fans at a hockey game boo an anti-cancer commercial because it features the opposing team’s players. ...

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Another Perfect Date Movie

You may recall me showing you the perfect date movie last year.  I’ve found another one, but I don’t think this one is playing at a drive-in this time.  No matter, I think this one sounds extremely interesting and I...

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Television Without Shitty #3

It’s one of those days, isn’t it? The 15 millionth week spent slipping on ice trying to head into the office on the two or three days you actually went in, de-icing and warming cars, wondering why you don’t...

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How To Be A Pirate – Torrenting

Now, first off a little disclaimer; This is not a completely fool proof system. I have been happily pirating for years and have never gotten a virus, but that doesn’t mean that it can’t happen at all. You should still always be...

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