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You killed it

Flipping to the latest incarnation of Real World – Road Rules challenges, I’m about a dozen minutes late to the opening. A chick with her face painted is telling another broad, Shauvon, that her breasts are weighing...

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The VMA’s Recreated by JW

On you can now watch last Sunday’s MTV Video Music Awards via a chopped up, “on demand” service. I wanted to watch it because it’s something i’ve always done, from the late 80’s with...

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He Should Try Bringing Biggie Back

Yes, from the dead. Terrible humor, sure, but let’s face reality, is there any way Diddy throws together a successful album without Notorious BIG? Please. But, apparently Diddy is trying to do that. And, to do so, unveiled...

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Eminem has laughter issues…

So, that Eminem-Bruno thing from the MTV awards the other night was admitted as fake this week. I’m not sure that was ever an issue with ANYONE. This, however, is an issue… Eminem was last seen on the broadcast...

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