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Need Some Comic Relief Today? Watch This.

Those of you who do know me personally (that is probably like one of you) know that I am a huge Walking Dead fan. This is a hard time of year for me as the show is not currently airing. I keep myself busy by working with The...

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The Line-Up

There’s one of those big music festivals headed to town.  Have you got your tickets yet?  I haven’t but I probably will soon if I can’t score tickets off the radio.  The station that’s sponsoring the...

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Google Music Beta

So, I woke up to an invite from Google for their Google Music Beta this morning. Some of you are probably asking what the hell Google Music is and why you should care. To that I say: It’s a cloud-based (ooooh, buzz words)...

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Name That Ringtone – Game 4

The competition is really heating up.  Hot action, that’s our stock and trade.  Every time I look through my weird collection of songs on iTunes I get all giddy about the things I can choose from.  Great job by...

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Kim Boekbinder

While she may only have one studio album out, Kim has two lovely EPs as well. The first of which is this, the 31 Songs in 31 Days album. Writing, recording and producing 1 song a day for the entire month of January 2009, even...

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