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NBC has been hyping this show for a while and my interest was piqued.  I was excited about the cast (I love Peter Krause from Sports Night and his comedic timing is wry, dry and wonderful) and Ron Howard can just about do no...

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Questlove, the drummer for Jimmy Fallon’s band the Roots took this picture and put it on Twitter.  I’m going to forego all the outrage and the jokes based on said outrage.  I’m also going to avoid posing the...

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Get me in here!

Monday we posted on the first episode of I’m a Celebrity Get me out of here. They have been airing episodes every night since, but now take a break for three days until the show is back on Monday. I’m not going to...

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Southland Renewed

NBC renewed the cop drama Southland. I’m a bit surprised by this move. But, then when I saw that they were moving it to Friday nights, I was less surprised. It must have gotten decent reviews, but weak ratings. So, why not...

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Conan cares none for your ice

The NHL Stanley Cup Final is starting this Saturday. Yes, they are still playing hockey. No, you are probably not giving a damn. This ain’t a who’s who of the match-up between the Detroit Red Wings and Pittsburgh...

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I’ll watch this tv show.

I am not a heartless bastard, as Acadia said yesterday. I love me some Chevy Chase comedy, realized that for the millionth time watching Fletch the other day. Would a heartless bastard promote others? Welcome to NBC, Chevy...

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