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Podcaturday – TRAPS!

That pic is the sushi bar in the Jetblue terminal in JFK.  I was there last night.  Not in the sushi bar, in the terminal.  Do you know any happy stories that start with: “I had sushi at the airport”?  But I was...

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Television Without Shitty #3

It’s one of those days, isn’t it? The 15 millionth week spent slipping on ice trying to head into the office on the two or three days you actually went in, de-icing and warming cars, wondering why you don’t...

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Television Without Sh****y #1

Hello, I am J-double-U and I am going to recommend things for you to watch. Because cable isn’t there for you; it doesn’t have your true desires at heart. I however care about you, so here are some choice programming...

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