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Thank God for Nicki Minaj

I know everyone hates Nicki Minaj and blah blah blah but seriously stop talking about the cartoonishness of her body and pay attention to the fact that she can rap.  And if you think all rapping is the same then look at the...

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This kid don’t miss

This kid is  money.  Straight up money.  Watch all the girls at gymboree be all over him.  The little tramps!  He best keep his head on straight and concentrate on hoops.  At least until he’s like, three....

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Oh, Most Definitely

Lynch, professor at George Washington University and the director of the Institute of Middle East Studies, tells Steve Inskeep he has always been a rap fan and is interested in parallels between rap, political science and...

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Detroit is Beautiful…

…Sorry, was my headline meant as a true/false question? Eminem puts his controversial antics on the back-burner for the fourth single from his “Relapse” album which has already sold more than 1 million copies...

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