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All Request Friday – A Review

As part of All Request Friday I was asked to review The Art and Science of Parenting.  So off I went to read it and give you my rave review.  So here I am back to rave.  I am going to do my review in bullet point format because...

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They Have Internet in South Africa?

Who knew?  Well, I found out the other day when I was informed about the site Miss Moss.  The actual URL is:  Please note the funny extension, proving it is foreign.  Why do I care?  Because when I...

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Swing…Swung. What about Swang?

My husband and I were recently invited to a house party by some friends we met years ago at a swing club .  There, I learned that most of the guests never visit swing clubs, any more, and only swing at friend’s homes. ...

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The 10 Best Sites I Discovered in 2008

Best Sites I Discovered in 2008.  There’s only seven because I am a busy man. Live Action Garfield Cool Street Art Great Collection of Hacks To Everyday Stuff Collection of ‘motivated’ Pics That People Make...

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Super Saturday Links!

Saturdays are for clicking links.  So click these and be amazed and/or amused.  Do as I say.  This instant. Laser Portraits I like it when people grab onto something nostalgic and hammer it right into the ground.  The folks at...

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Hot or Not for Sissies

Well, back in the 90’s there was Hot or Not. Remember that? Fools would post their pictures (or someone else’s picture) and everyone else would waste hours rating them. Then there were 587 knockoffs of it, and...

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Kevin A. Kantor: Associate Broker

Many times when I am thinking about real estate, I wonder if I could possibly get a Realtor who wasn’t just a realtor.  And I don’t mean something stupid, like a candy bar or a bird bath.  I mean some kind of other...

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Creepy Baby Dispenses Advice

Bloggernoob is a site dedicated to helping people make money online.  And he is having a site review exchange this weekend.  So, since I am a filthy whore who would kiss a dead hobo for $5.00 I have decided to throw my hat in...

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We Love Tongues

You know that, right? How much we at The Superficial Gallery love tongues? We do. Long tongues, pointy tongues, flat ones, curly ones… it’s nothing shameful or embarrassing; they are purely sexy. We have formed a...

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LilDems: Another Perspective

You know, politics are very funny sometimes. Some of us humans have their beliefs and we pick out the party that matches them and then go on to become raving lunatics. Just like the religious fanatical, if someone is a liberal...

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Owl Farm Blog

I came across Anita Thompson’s blog recently and, while it is mostly Hunter S. Thompson related, hell, it’s fun to read. Imagine being married to that man for even five minutes. And she seems to be the anti-Heather...

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Site Review: Cult of Qelqoth

I have decided that since the Gallery Staff sometimes uses their three minute breaks (twice a day!) to go to other sites on the Internet, I should give it a try. And, since I am killing time before dinner, I invented a new...

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