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Tag: Smooth Criminals

YouTuesday – The Bag Snatcher

Today I have a video showcasing another smooth criminal.  This guy masterfully snatches a lady’s purse and bolts for the exit.  Nobody seems to really understand what’s going on and the man appears to be home free.  ...

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YouTuesday – Nun Thievery

Today’s video features a nun stealing some booze.  Guess she needs a refresher course on those commandments.  I’m pretty sure there’s one in there that frowns on this sort of thing.  But hey, a nun’s got...

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Yeah, I’ll be coming back for that…

PENSACOLA, Fla. — Police in Florida say a burglar who made off with a man’s valuables returned to the home later and snatched what he couldn’t carry on his first trip: a 100-pound plasma-screen TV. A Pensacola Police...

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