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I still love Penelope

I’ve heard that some snooty TV types have complained about Penelope as a character on SNL but they can all blow me (unless they’re dudes).  I like the character and watching it I think that I’ve figured out one...

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Computer Upgrades 2010

This series of pix are for anyone who has ever been frustrated by the limitations of their computer skills or the ministrations of Nick Burns. Nick Burns the Computer Guy sound bite Nick Burns sound...

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Gabourey Sidibe SNL Promos

I’m not sure if Gabourey Sidibe is supposed to be funny or not.  I’m not even sure if she is a real actress or just some kid they found.  I didn’t see Precious but I heard it was good and that she played a...

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Betty White, My Role Model

I’ve always said I wanted to be Karen Walker when I grow up (and I still do!) but when I am REALLY grown up, I want to be Betty White.  She kicks so much ass and is so effin funny while still being an absolute lady. ...

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They’re Making a Movie from What?

Saturday Night Live’s MacGruber is about to explode on the big screen. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Will Forte’s recurring sketch parody about an easily distracted MacGyver-type has Ryan Phillippe and Val...

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