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YouTuesday – Bad Form

So, when I came up with the title for today’s YouTuesday, I went in search of a good banner pic for it.  I found it pretty quickly.  It’s not related to the video in any way whatsoever but it definitely plays on the...

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Soccer Team Unearths Best Named Human Ever

While I am aware that few like soccer (even though some insanely talented writer here did a stunning, pulitzer-worthy series on the World Cup for this here site), I am completely knowing that people love people with wacky names....

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World Cup 15 – THE FINAL POST

It’s all over now. Let’s begin again. 3RD PLACE DEATH MATCH Germany 3 – Uruguay 2. The third place death match (tm JW, so don’t go trying to steal it), was a game in which every player on the pitch...

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World Cup 10 – Off Day Links of Fun!

Oh yeah forgot to tell you peoples – once it gets higher in the tournament there are sometimes days in which there are NO GAMES. But I still have things to entertain you. Like… HEY I noticed something lame on the...

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Pick up tabs like Beckham

Well, or maybe not like Beckham. Because, according to this book that was excerpted in Sports Illustrated this week, Beckham isn’t quick to pick up the tab and that kind of irked his broke-ass MLS teammates. Here’s...

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ESPN Taking Soccer Seriously?

I will say, I was shocked to read this article on SIs website this morning. The article detailed how ESPN plans to give fairly full scale coverage to the World Cup next summer. ESPN does do things right. I know that. However,...

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