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Winter Classic 2011

Isn’t that sweet. Alex Ovechkin and Sidney Crosby making nice for the camera during the ceremonial puck drop for The Winter Classic. I guess the young stars, the poster children for the NHL, have grown up a bit. They did...

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Row Row Row Your Boat

In my opinion extreme sports are tied to the fetish wiring in the human mind. Some people like leather, some lace and some want to be adult babies stuffed into latex nappies while their partner dresses up like a teddy bear...

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World Cup #5, Weekend Roundup.

Editor’s Note — I spent 47 hours making the names of all the countries in JW’s awesome World Cup posts bold.  But then I realized fuck that.  So if you were coming here to see if YOUR country name was bold,...

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Shaq Vs.

I saw four minutes of Shaq’s new reality sports show. The premise was simple, and what unfolded in those four minutes showed off that simplicity. Shaq and Ben Roethlisberger were playing quarterback for some high school...

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ESPN Battling Twitter?

Soon after ESPN issued 12 guidelines to its employees about social networking on Tuesday, Ric Bucher, one of its N.B.A. writers and analysts, wrote on Twitter, “The hammer just came down, tweeps: ESPN memo prohibiting tweeting...

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