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Tag: Stupidity

Taking the Dog Out for a Push

You know, I love pets as much as the next guy.  They really can add to the quality of life if you let them into your heart.  However, I do believe there are boundaries to how much love you should give.   Sure, you should get...

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Mexico is Weird.

You know how kids believe anything?  Like, you can tell a kid about Big Foot and they will believe you cause they never heard any contrary opinions about Big Foot?  Or how they get scared of shit that isn’t there and could...

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The Strangeness of Florida

Thinking Florida is weird is not really a surprise in any instance.  I mean, FARK has it’s own frigging category for it.  Now, I would like to think that this sign is Photoshopped.  Or that the sign was put there before...

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Really??? (Rob Neyer edition)

I never really expect the day where I’m going to defend the New York Mets. It takes a lot of stupidity to get me to do that. Like most baseball fans, I know of but don’t read Rob Neyer articles on ESPN. Rob Neyer is...

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