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Survivor #2 – Writing this with Gallantry

When we last met up… Surprises! Older cast members with experience! Hard to spell tribe names! Someone’s a (not so) secret agent! Russell sides with the young ones – Rob is Jesus! Kristina is Pontus Pilot!...

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Survivor #1: There is No Game Without Phillip.

My favorite part of reality television is the people cast. Sure, it would probably be good some day to get a bunch of ex-Navy seals to do a season of Survivor but their clinical success would be the boredom of the show. What any...

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Your Survivor: Redemption Island Preview!

Clocking in at 22 (?!) seasons, Survivor is arguably the very first competition-oriented reality show to hit the United States. For a smidge over ten years now the show has gotten a range of ratings from super huge to middling,...

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