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Tag: Syfy

Screw you, Darwin.

You know how sometimes you are watching Discovery Channel or History Channel or SyFy and they have a show about looking for mythical creatures?  Bigfoot, the chupacabra, the Loch Ness monster and all other shit consumes the...

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Eureka is Back! On Fridays :(

Eureka begin its new season fourteen days ago and I forgot to watch because Syfy* is no longer one of my favorite channels. It was a great channel back in the 90s.   Now I see my favorite show has been moved to Fridays...

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Real Time Mockery – Carny

Tonight you have the opportunity to make fun of a Sci-Fi original movie as it happens!  Tonight at 9 Eastern, we will be watching: ‘Carny’.  According to the Sci-Fi site: Death Becomes the main attraction when a...

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