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Television Without Sh***y #2

In my area of the world, along with other people’s areas, we’re suffering through a SNOWPOCOLYPSE. Just snow and Ice and freezing and Ice and snow and the last three weeks have been like the last segment of the...

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Television Without Sh****y #1

Hello, I am J-double-U and I am going to recommend things for you to watch. Because cable isn’t there for you; it doesn’t have your true desires at heart. I however care about you, so here are some choice programming...

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You’re Fired.

Trump is back for another round of Celebrity Appre…wait, REGULAR Apprentice! He’s two weeks in and allegedly the theme is people down on their luck in this economy. I can tell that’s the theme one of two ways:...

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Futurama returns

Futurama hasn’t been on the air consistently for what? Seven years? Well, Futurama is going the way of The Family Guy and will make a triumphantmore than likely largely ignored return to Comedy Central in 2010. Is this...

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Summer Time…and the livin’s easy

What the hell do folks watch in the Summer? I just googled “Summer Television” and the first like ten articles were on this John and Kate show. As you may have noticed, I am now lacking things to write about in the...

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