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Tag: Thanksgiving

Who let him in here?

A friend of mine asked recently: “When did you get so disorganized?” I don’t know. If I was organized I’d have made a note of the date and put it in a file that had been carefully labeled with various...

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Turkey Folklore

It has long been the custom in our family to have the wishbone pulled by the youngest and the oldest present. This year it was Grandma and Charles, who is going on eight. Charles won, and, with a far-away look in his eyes, fell...

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I Understand How Things Can Suck

I get it.  I know that Thanksgiving can suck.  And that for lots of people it is one of the most miserable holidays there is.  All that family this and togetherness that.  I mean, if your family was so goddamn great, how come we...

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