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The Amazing Race Finale!

SPOILERS THROUGHOUT The Globetrotters are the first off to Rio but it looks like all the teams bunch up on the train so everyone is starting out on even footing. Teams then try to find the best flight to Rio. It looks like Team...

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The Amazing Race– RESCUE ME

Big Easy uses basketball to explain how they still have a chance! Teams are given $1 and need to get to the heliport to ride with the Search & Rescue Team. Boy Goth claims repeatedly he will kick some ass and no one believes...

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The Amazing Race–Von Trapp Style!

Teams fly to Vienna, Austria, find marked Ford Foci (?) and zoom to their next clue. The Cowboys chose a different flight, arriving thirty minutes after the other teams.  Phil gives them the clue via the navigation system. He...

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The Amazing Race: Full Bladders!

Teams needed to go somewhere and drink mango papaya tea before flying to Calcutta, India. Asian daughter was all show offy, asking questions in Chinese. I would so do the same! Team Aspberger is wearing silver satin pajamas. I...

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The Amazing Race–YAKS!

I was painting my bathroom and missed the first 15 minutes but tuned in just in time to see teams arrive in China to ride yaks across some bizarre dam or weir. Team Cowboy had no issue with this task, shockingly. Next, teams...

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The Amazing Race–Bunching Up

LAST WEEK I GOT BUSY–HERE’S WHAT YOU MISSED The cowboys were way back, stumped by the semaphore decoding. Thanks to pre-purchased flights, they caught up when the flights bunched the teams up into two groups. Big...

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The Amazing Race: Unfinished Business

The newest season of The Amazing Race premiered tonight composed of teams who lost in previous seasons. The Unfinished Business refers to the fact they all lost before. Many of the teams are from the same season which I found...

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Dumb Choices, TAR-Style

Tonight’s episode was marked by teams making some really dumb choices.  If you have no rhythm, why choose the drumming detour?  The detectives confuse me sometimes with their choices.  They seemed surprised to learn the...

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