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Tag: Tiger Woods

Tiger Needs a Favor

Well, who else can he turn to?  Frankly, Charlie Sheen would be a better one to offer advice.  He has fucked up in big ways so many times and it always slides right off his back.  Tiger should have modeled his forgive me...

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Tiger Woods can Lose. Go figure.

Tiger Woods lost the PGA Championship this weekend. This is of note because Tiger led after three rounds. Tiger is rarely caught, but some dude from Korea got after him on Sunday. The shot Y.E. Yang hit on 18 was awesome....

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Tiger Woods can Still Play Golf

GRAND BLANC TOWNSHIP, Mich. — Tiger Woods won the Buick Open for a third time and claimed his 69th PGA Tour victory. Hey, look at that, Tiger can still play golf well. A couple weeks ago everyone was panicked about the Tiger...

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