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Tag: Time Wasters

I am sick of social networking.  Mainly because I am jealous because I am never popular.  I send out friend requests with nice things like: “Let me tell you when I pee!” and: “I know you from the mall.  I watch...

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Silly Sunday: Tetris!

Good old Tetris.  We wanted you to play it again for old times sake. It has sound, so you are gonna have to go to the next page to play.  But, in order to make it so there is something on this page, here are some pics of hot...

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A Simple Question – Mindfuck

I was looking for a picture on Google and, for once, the first 17 results were not porn (dammit).  But, in typical Google fashion, I found a pic that has NOTHING whatsoever to do with the keywords.  However, in this one case,...

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The Color Test

Can you follow directions? Can you ignore conflicting information when you need to? Can your right brain override your left brain? Do you only have two brain cells left and are they arguing? Can someone else make this...

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I Will Go and…

Are there really so many people with so much annoying extra money lying around that web pages like this are necessary? Seriously, if this is the case, I will start offering to mail people the lint from my local laundromat, the...

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