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Tag: trivia

Your Body is Gross

There are about 1000 different species on your body right now.  Doesn’t matter if you just got out of the shower or just got done wriggling out of a sewer pipe.  You are covered in filth.  In fact, there are more germs on...

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Scary Facts – Suicide

You might think it is angsty teens and young ruined Wall Street hotshots who commit the most suicides, but the peak ages are actually different.  The rate of suicide rises significantly for men after age 65 and peaks for women...

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Scary Facts – Scared of Cats!

I know there are cat people and dog people, but did you know some things are actually afraid of cats?  And not just mice.  People.  Who would be afraid of a cat who wasn’t a lion or a tiger?  Dogs I can understand.  In...

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