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Tag: Vulgar Commerce

Agent Acadia Takes A Night Off

Halloween was going to be ruined.  There was no way around it.  Agent Acadia Einstein was pretty dejected.  Halloween was the one night per year that all spies and agents had a truce.  It had been that way since 1948, when a...

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Agent Acadia Laid Low

Acadia could hear the car running in what had to be a warehouse.  It was a old BMW diesel and the sweet rumbling of the engine helped him get his bearings.  He was about 25 feet from the bay door, which was open.  The cool salt...

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Get Me In Bed for 50% Off!

Wait, that’s a typo.  It should read: Get a Bed for 50% off.  The “me” part was what we call in advertising a “bait and switch”.  But the discount part is real. Because I am such a fancy tycoon, I...

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