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The Celebrity Gallery is New!

We have been working nearly around the clock re-designing the Celebrity Photo Gallery.  We still have a few bugs and kinks to iron out but you get overall gist of it.  Personally, I think it is mind blowingly gorgeous and I am...

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Why can’t I just make shit up?

So someone inthe Batcave posted a link to a site that repeated a story posted by some other site about Sarah Michelle Gellar making a Buffy the Vampire Slayer movie.  So after my boner went away (come back!) I decided to...

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They Have Internet in South Africa?

Who knew?  Well, I found out the other day when I was informed about the site Miss Moss.  The actual URL is:  Please note the funny extension, proving it is foreign.  Why do I care?  Because when I...

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I am sick of social networking.  Mainly because I am jealous because I am never popular.  I send out friend requests with nice things like: “Let me tell you when I pee!” and: “I know you from the mall.  I watch...

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