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Smile With Makeup

Hi, here is your smile porn for today. This is when I was all dressed up to go to a family wedding. The one some of my most faithful followers may remember me talking about missing, so I only went to the reception. Haaaaaaaaa....

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What a Lovely Wedding Dress

Most women take a long time to pick out their wedding dress.  It’s a pretty big decision.  You want the perfect dress for the best day of your life.  Unfortunately, some people aren’t the best judges of fashion. ...

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I Hope It Was Worth It

People do a lot of strange things when they are in love,  like get married.  Sometimes they’ll even spice up the marriage proceedings by putting a spin on things.  That’s when you see people getting married at...

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Why I Lost My Night Job

OK, I’ll admit it-I’m a sucker for Phil Collins.  Maybe a little too much.  See, when I hear “In the Air Tonight”, something just happens to me, especially at that one part. You know, where the drums kick...

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