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Spring Pledge Drive

You may have all forgotten that I am an accomplished author.  Well allow me to rectify that. I am an accomplished author. Go buy Whalewolf.  I get $.56 cents every time someone buys it for $.99 cents.  Apparently I have a...

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Whalewolf – the Audio Book!

I was sitting in my big overstuffed chair in my study, smoking a pipe and reading a giant newspaper and it occurred to me that my amazing literary achievement, Whalewolf, was not available on any kind of electromagnetomaton for...

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I wrote a story. Buy it!

On April 2, 2011 I wondered out loud during Podcaturday what would happen if a werewolf bit a whale.  Beans and Melzer told me to write it so I did.  Now I need you to buy it as I assume it will make me rich.  This is legit,...

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