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Who Ya Got: Time Travel

Last week, I started a new thing with the Who Ya Got lists. I’m going to throw out one or two lists each Friday in a weak, obvious and desperate attempt to stir up some debate. This week? Time Travel. Movies. Not sure why...

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Who Ya Got: Best Movie Twist

Saw this post yesterday on top movie twist endings. Decided to pick out my five favorite. #5: The Game: First time I saw this movie, it was something like 3am, TBS and I had some shit to do to get up in the morning, but this...

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Who Ya Got: MLB Pitching

So, here’s a new thing I’m going to introduce. Who Ya Got Friday. Simple. It’s a list of five or so in a given category. I like to start fights, so why not try that here? First list? Best pitcher in Major...

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