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Tag: Woman Crush Wednesday

Woman Crush Wednesday – Judith O'Dea

There are many lovely ladies out there but this lady takes the cake. Meeting her for the first time last year at a convention in Atlanta, I was taken aback at how approachable she was and just how warm and welcoming her...

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Woman Crush Wednesday- Rooney Mara

When Rooney Mara was cast as the hard-edged Lisbeth Salander in The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo film, people were a bit taken aback. How could this beautiful German, French-Canadian, Irish beauty ever play the role of such a...

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Woman Crush Wednesday- Kat Dennings

Oh all the wonder that is Kat Dennings…. I am not sure where to begin.  This girl looks like Angelina Jolie and Christina Hendricks got together and had a baby (please someone make that possible!!!).  With a set of kissers...

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Woman Crush Wednesday – Rose Byrne

If ever there was a versatile actress, Rose Byrne is it. This Australian beauty has pretty much covered every genre out there.  From her horrific role (genre not acting) in the Insidious movies  to her perfect comedic timing in...

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