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World Cup 15 – THE FINAL POST

It’s all over now. Let’s begin again. 3RD PLACE DEATH MATCH Germany 3 – Uruguay 2. The third place death match (tm JW, so don’t go trying to steal it), was a game in which every player on the pitch...

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World Cup 10 – Off Day Links of Fun!

Oh yeah forgot to tell you peoples – once it gets higher in the tournament there are sometimes days in which there are NO GAMES. But I still have things to entertain you. Like… HEY I noticed something lame on the...

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World Cup #6

SAVAGE Beatdowns, Teams Falling Apart, The Robert Rojas Incident, Calling Dead Players Injured, Living to Fight Another Day and Happy Birthday Lionel Messi! While I don’t care about the BOLD typeface for the countries, I...

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World Cup #5, Weekend Roundup.

Editor’s Note — I spent 47 hours making the names of all the countries in JW’s awesome World Cup posts bold.  But then I realized fuck that.  So if you were coming here to see if YOUR country name was bold,...

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