I have to do a bunch of crap I don’t want to do this weekend.  So the site is closed.  Well, unless Princess PeachEva Halloween, Cornmeal or Sangfroid write something.  I guess I will find out when I get to look at a computer again.  Oh, and if you live in Charlotte and you have a pool, you really shouldn’t bother opening it before Memorial Day.  Seriously.  I have had mine open for a month and it was a huge mistake.  Live and learn I guess.

And since I don’t want you to have nothing to look at while I’m busy (I am not even going on a fun trip like the guy in the banner – I’m just “busy”) I am going to post some gifs I’ve been saving.By the way, I will never pronounce it with a soft “g” sound.  And you shouldn’t either.  You will just sound like a dick.  So get ready for some cute Jennifer Lawrence and some mean kids.  Happy Memorial Day!

Oh and if you want more Jennifer Lawrence Pics make with the clicky.

jl3  kids-2
kids-1 kids-3