taraji-p-nelsonTaraji P. Nelson is another Oscar nom I have never heard of but man!  She is gorgeous! I find it amazing that an Academy Award-nominated actress as stunning as she doesn’t have her own wiki entry.  I had to go to imdb (a site I loathe!) to learn anything about her.  She was on “Eli Stone” (a show I am ashamed to admit I loved), “Smoking Aces” which I did not enjoy and do not recall her in, a bunch of bit parts on random TV shows I don’t watch like “Boston Legal”, “House, M.D.” and “CSI.”  The funniest part of her resume is “Murder, She Wrote.”  I’m thinking I should start making stuff up when I don’t find anything interesting to write about.  Rumor has it, she once motorboated Angela Lansbury’s big floppy, old lady tits on a dare from the camera guy.  Fiction is looking better and better!

Taraji P. Nelson