Shit- our secret is out!

Target has skated by for a long time with their red interiors and ‘We’re not Wal-Mart and we didn’t make your mom do meth like Wal-Mart did” attitude.  But it seems like at least one Target has shown its true colors.  And those colors are: fuck face.

David Lawrinowicz of Lancaster had worked at Target for nearly eight years before the company fired him Wednesday — for buying two Zhu Zhu Pets…Not stealing them, buying them.

A few days later, Lawrinowicz said he was called into the human resources office and told employees were not allowed to purchase “popular items” until the store opens at 8 a.m.

The full story is here.  Did I edit the thing above to make the store seem even worse?  Damn right.  This whole thing has me bothered.  Here is why:

  1. Target is not as good as everyone thinks but they are still pretty good.
  2. Walmart is not as bad as everone thinks (at least anymore) but they are still pretty bad.
  3. Anyone who hides behind a policy either in a handbook or ‘on a posted placard’ is a pussy.  And I don’t even think that posted placards are legally binding.  You know those signs that say: management is not responsible for lost or stolen articles?  And we all think they aren’t?  Well fuck that.  It’s a trick.  What if the sign said: management reserves the right to hump your wife?  Would you pay attention then?  And yes, I know YOU would, Swinger Larry.
  4. Why in the hell did they not have some sort of do-over policy?
  5. Why didn’t they fire the people who checked them out?
  6. How much do you think Target wishes they had lightened the hell up.

Anyway – I still like Target.  I am going over there right now, as a matter of fact.  I don’t work there so I can buy whatever I want.