After the dumbass move they made last week exchanging their money, I had some serious doubts about these guys.  They pulled off a pretty brilliant move tonight, though, finding the best way to get to their next destination.  Some of the teams got a direct bus and a few others figured out to get from A to C via B.  They took a bus to another city to pick up a bus arriving at the final destination a full eight hours ahead of the teams on the direct bus.  The cowboys figured out the bus left from a different terminal (a ten minute taxi ride away) and managed to get themselves to that terminal without tipping off the other teams.  The SOL teams figured it out and hauled to the terminal but missed it.  They hauled back to the first terminal and had missed all outbound buses.  Those teams were boned til the next morning.  Seriously boned.  Team Cowboy rode that lead all the way to the Pit Stop where they swaggered into first place.  These guys were well suited for the Detour and Roadblock tasks, too.  I imagine milking a cow and sweet talking a llama felt like Saturday chores to them.

I sort of love that I can tell their mama read a lot of Danielle Steele-type of brain rot garbage.  She named her kids Jet and Cord.  That cracks me up a whole lot.  The un-good-looking one is kind of a big deal on the PBR circuit.  I thought that stood for Pabst Blue Ribbon but it actually means Professional Bull Rider.  Wait.  That’s the same thing, right?  Anyway, his name is Cord and he has his own site and I found a pile of stuff on Youtube.  I stuck one in here for you.  Because I lover you all and shit.