OK so Ted Cruz announced that he is running for President.  He terrifies me beyond belief but I have to hand it to him.  He is now officially winning the Presidential race!  Why does he terrify me?  Well, for starters he is from another country (Texas) but the main reason is that he lies so easily that is sort of sounds like he isn’t lying.  Listen to him talk about Net Neutrality and why it is BAD.

Now that I live in NY, I know that when I get in a taxi at JFK and drive to anywhere in Manhattan, it is going to cost me $56.00 plus tolls.  That’s because the taxis are REGULATED and they can’t charge you more than that.

Whenever someone tells me there are too many regulations, I never think about the ones that are stupid and that we could probably do without.  I think about how the whole idea of the “market regulating itself” is a total crock.  You know why?  Because if it worked, we would already be doing it that way.  And if you want to see why you should be terrified by people who complain about “too many regulations” see if they also support “tort reform”.  Ted Cruz does.  And here is what I always think of when I think of those two things.

  1. Let’s pretend there was no “regulation” saying that airlines had to fix things that they knew were wrong with their planes.  “They will fix it themselves as the market would want to fly on a safe airline”.
  2. But if you are an airline and you find out how much it is going to cost to fix on ALL your planes then you have a hard number.  A definite cost to your business.  Let’s say it is $100 million dollars.
  3. Now, let’s say that thanks to tort reform you know exactly how much you can get sued for and lose if one of your planes crashes because of the thing you didn’t fix.  You know how many people fit on the plane and you can just times it by the maximum penalty.  And let’s say that amount is $80 million dollars.

Do you think the airline would roll the dice?  I do.  And I think that Ted Cruz thinks that is just fine.  And I REALLY hope that he gets the nomination.  Because honestly why not let it be him against Elizabeth Warren?  You want to make a choice, make a choice?  What’s the difference between Hillary Clinton and Jeb Bush?  Who knows?  At least he has (terrifying) viewpoints.  He hates everything.  So as long as you don’t like anything, or you don’t understand that the Congress is the branch that makes the laws (and believe the President can do all sorts of stuff on his/her own) then he is your guy!

So yeah, if you want to hire someone to run the country who says that the government sucks and it shouldn’t do anything, then you are essentially saying you want to have your tax dollars go to some deadbeat who doesn’t do anything all day.  Heh.  That would be awesome, actually.  Do that.