Hello, I am J-double-U and I am going to recommend things for you to watch. Because cable isn’t there for you; it doesn’t have your true desires at heart. I however care about you, so here are some choice programming options.

On Netflix:

The Vice Guide to Travel (8 episodes) – the link only works for members.


To those who don’t know about Vice Magazine, imagine a group of punks, slackers and degenerates who ran a fanzine in Canada and turned it into a media empire, with websites, print magazines, books, a record label and now a show on MTV. The Guide to Travel is journalism done in fearless ways. Ever wanted to know how to buy guns on the black market? “The Gun Markets of Pakistan” shows you how. Wanted to hunt down radioactive beasts in Chernobyl? The Vice men and women attempt that (or at least try).

There are eight episodes in the series and the two most insane ones are the Guide to Liberia (mind blowing in scary ways) and the Guide to North Korea (mind blowing in creepy ways). All are a great way to kill an afternoon.

Oh Hulu:

Mommy XXX


A Hulu exclusive, “Mommy XXX” is a lamely titled reality show about adult star Demi Delia and her family. Delia is a semi-active porn star with two kids and much like every show about someone with a non-normal occupation, we get to see her life beyond the camera. It’s pretty “real” as far as there isn’t that many staged moments, and what’s interesting is both the day to day part of the adult industry and also how the outside world reacts to the Delia family. There’s only 13 episodes, so watch em while you can.

On You Tube:



If you enjoy websites like “This is Why You’re Fat”, “Epic Meal Time” is in the same vein. Done with shocking good production considering the subject matter, “Epic” is a weekly show in which host Harley Morenstein and friends make gigantic, disgusting amounts of food that go into the thousands and thousands of calories.

Like I said above, the concept only works when you actually make a go at it, and the videos succeed because of the professional camera angles, the actual cooking involved, the music and editing. Recommended ones are the Breakfast of Booze, the Thanksgiving one (a bird in a bird in a bird in a bird in a bird in a pig) and the Black Legend.