Glass by M. Night Shaymaln
You gotta make yourself laugh, you know?

I get it. Glass is not getting great reviews. But honestly I don’t care and I am going to go see it anyway and here are my reasons why. Also they are not in any kind of order and they can also be

  1. M. Night Shayamalan went to high school with my old roommate.
  2. 30% of the people that don’t like it probably do other shit I don’t agree with like put hot sauce on eggs so why would I listen to them?
  3. That 1999-2000 stretch that started with Sixth Sense and ended with Unbreakable was a heady time to be an M. Night fan.
  4. Split is a great, fun movie. And it, like Unbreakable were not the usual M. Night Sham. They didn’t twist it at the end so that the Beast was actually a dream from a kid in Cookie Monster pj’s pissing the bed while his mom sadly edits her profile and drinking wine from a giant goblet.
  5. I might make that PJ’s movie….
  6. I want to see if Mr. Glass actually has any powers or not. I mean he was the opposite of Dunn, physically, but Dunn could also see what people did. What if Glass can see what people will do? Or might do?
  7. Just to support #6 a little more, in Unbreakable Elijah never said he had any powers. But in the Glass trailer he is getting treated for thinking he has powers and the doc says he thinks he “is superhuman”? Also, the movie is called Glass, not…Switch BACK or Mopey Dave gets a New Poncho. So I am pretty confident we will find out what Mr. Glass’ powers are. And I hope they are sufficient to overcome the fact that you could kill him by hucking a basketball at his chest at medium speed.
  8. I like world building. I know there is sort of a backlash against is right now (unless it is Disney) but I need to be honest with myself. There is no way I could say I am against the shared universe concept when growing up I marked out like a rube every time I saw something from one Stephen King book show up in another. I am down with the idea.
  9. ScarJo at the ZooThe prospect of a Zoo fight is too much to pass up. Seriously. Did you ever see a big fight set piece in a zoo? Maybe there was one in that ScarJo zoo movie but I didn’t see that. But we know M. looooves the zoo!
  10. Sarah Paulson needs to be in something where she lives past the first 15 frigging minutes (you know what I mean!) Seriously. And if you DON’T know what I mean then I can’t tell you because it would be a spoiler.
  11. Superheroes don’t have to only come from comics. In fact they shouldn’t. I am not saying that I want someone pulling an August Derleth on the 21st century Philadelphia Shayamalan mythos, but I think creating worlds where the big comics don’t rule is a good thing. In general.
  12. Buff James McEvoy is scary AF.

In conclusion, sure there might be some people knocking the movie but I am still gonna see it. Look at the trailer! Does that not look cool???? Let me know what you think below. I numbered my reasons so you could attack them specifically!