The girls dropped my phone number. Look how sad they are.

That bar down at the bottom of the screen is not a virus.  I added it tonight to see if it would work.  It has a Facebook thing and a Twitter thing and a chat thing and a game thing.  Hell, it might have a virus thing, I haven’t looked at it all that closely.  We tested out the chat thing and it worked mostly.  Click some shit.  Tell me if it works, if you like it, if you get a virus, etc.

It’s not a virus.  I don’t even know what I would gain from giving someone a virus.  I don’t know why sometimes I get spam emails that don’t even say anything.  What’s the sense in that? So go ahead, mess around with the toolbar thing.  Maybe it does some other shit.  I dunno.  And don’t pay any attention to the picture below this.  That’s not supposed to be me rejoicing in the fact that I gave you a virus.  It’s there by accident.