Hans Klok is a Gay Dutch Magician.  Or a Dutch Gay Magician.  Why does it matter that he is gay and Dutch?  Well, his show is called Hans Klok and the Divas of Magic.  Those are the divas up there.  He’s the best looking one.  And he has dreamy hair.  Shit, I might be turning Dutch.

Anyway – here is a little bit of relativity for you concerning Hans and his fug assistants.

  • Number of magic tricks this guy can do in 5 minutes:  10
  • Number of videos you can watch in the same amount of time: 1

So after the jump you can see all the tricks, and they don’t suck.  It’s not like he’s pulling rabbits out of hats.  He’s jamming chicks into tiny enclosed spaces.  Sure, when HE does it it’s magic.  When I do it it’s kidnapping.  I need to start unbuttoning more buttons on my shirt.