Holy shit, could this be more uneven?  It seems like the producers sat down and figured out how to design an entire leg favoring the cowboys.  They sailed through it, crying that the polo pony was made of sawhorses and not quarter horses.  I made a sad laugh when they won a trip to Chile.  They may get cocky and fuck it up.

Team Lez had bitchy meltdown over who is in charge.  “Pretend it’s my face,” she hollers at the oddly pointy-faced one as she goes to whack the ball during the polo task.

What does it say about me (or them) that I can’t always tell which brother is the straight one on Team Gay Bros?

Team Bandana went to the hospital for some IV re-hydration and whined through the whole leg.  Granted, food poisoning will make one very crabby and just want to die.  I will give them that.  I figured out what bugs me about him:  he looks like a heroin addict. It’s the eyeballs.

Team Illiterate declared, “We definitely shouldn’t reproduce,” after failing to read all the words in the clue a few times.

The buried money task seemed oddly difficult for the teams who tried it but Team Mom Squad hokey-pokeyed right through it, no snags shown.  Ahh, the beauty and wonder of editing.  I did LOL at the detectives who couldn’t find a marked bag in a field when given directions.

One of the detectives told Phil he loves him and Phil goes, “I don’t wanna hear that.”  Phil pulled his sad face when he eliminated the Mom Squad.  Phil was not wearing his pukka shell necklace nor was he wearing a shirt with epaulets.  This is all the Phil news that matters.