The newest season of The Amazing Race premiered tonight composed of teams who lost in previous seasons. The Unfinished Business refers to the fact they all lost before. Many of the teams are from the same season which I found odd. Two of my favorite teams are back, the cowboys from Oklahoma, Jet and Cord, and the Harlem Globetrotters, Flight Time and Big Easy. This makes me very happy but I don’t know which to root for!

Teams I didn’t particularly love last time around, primarily the cheerleader bitches, are back. I usually root for the all female teams but these girls were so ugly and so unpleasant last time that I am not ecstatic about them. The mother with the deaf son also returned. It seems like they chose the crowd favorites, the controversial teams, and filled in the rest with the blah teams, like the brothers Zev and someone or the Asian girl and her dad. We can’t all be lovable or detestable; someone needs represent the vanilla.

They started out in LA, the first flight was delayed by another passenger having a heart attack and Big Easy was the only contestant who referenced him. Awww, love Big Easy!

They needed to swim in a tank with sharks to find a ginormous compass, then use the compass to decode a message relayed via semaphore flags.

Flight Time and Big Easy lucked out when the vanilla brothers gave them the answer; the cowboys struggled. Other teams worked together.

Next they went flying over the ocean in tiny skiffs to retrieve a clue from a bigass buoy. The two best things that happened during this segment involved the bitchleaders capsizing and seeing 7 foot tall guys spreadeagled perpendicular to the boat. They are nearly as big as the boats themselves!

Phil awarded the Express Pass to the father daughter vanilla team. This is like a Get Out of Jail Free card in Monopoly; they can skip a task anywhere along the race. Phil tells teams they are still racing; it’s not a pit stop. Mallory keeps yakking to Phil and he tells her more than once to shut it and get moving. That would be me, for sure.

Team Goth is just as annoying as I remembered them. The one with the pink hair has eyebrows that make me want to cry. Jen and Kisha are as cute and funny as I recall and the deaf mom is irritating.

It ended with a To Be Continued and I got to see Bertram von Munster’s name roll by. Awww, Sunday nights are back.