I need some help here, people.  Do any of you listen to music played on a recorder?  Yes, I’m talking about that shitty wind instrument they try to pass off to kids  as a serious instrument in school.  The reason I’m asking is because I happened upon an album cover the other day that demands that I find the artist responsible for making it.  The artist in question is Svetlana Gruebberslovik.   I tried searching for her name in Wikipedia.  I tried Google.  Both returned no results.  I find it extremely odd that neither site can give me any information on her, what with such a common name and all, but what can you do?  Anyway, if any of you happen to know anything about Ms. Gruebberslovik’s current whereabouts I’d be very grateful.  Oh, the reason I’m looking for her?  Well, check out the album cover after the jump.

Yes they are, Svetlana. Yes they are.