From left to right: Cleveland, Lester, Rallo

So I have watched the Cleveland and I have actually laughed out loud a couple times. You can’t really go by me, though.  I laugh out loud when I see old people.  Not falling down or telling jokes.  I just mean I laugh when I see old people.  “HA HA HA YOU ARE OLD!” I’ll say, running away.  But if you think the show is just Family Guy with Cleveland and a cartoon wife who’s not as hot as Lois Griffin, you’re wrong.  It’s pretty funny.  Here’s an example:

But that’s not the only thing about judging a book by its cover that pertains to The Cleveland Show.  If I were gonna ask you who does the voices for the three characters in the banner pic, of course you would not know their names.  But then, after the jump,  I show you who they are and you will be all like, “Whoa, how do people do that with their voices?”  Go watch on Hulu.  But I will show you that you can’t judge a book by its cover.

  • Who does the voice of Cleveland?
  • Who does the voice of Lester?
  • Who does the voice of Rallo?

Why is Michael Lynch the Bartender in this clip?

In this clip – Cleveland Jr. swallowed Rallo’s goldfish.  I hate setting up clips!

So take some time to watch the show.  At least one of them.  It’s funny.  And remember that Mike Henry, the little white guy, does the voices of Cleveland and Rallo and Kevin Michael Richardson the big black guy does the voice of the skinny white dude and the sissy-sounding kid.  Chew on that, you racist!  Or Sizist!  Or whatever you are.  You sicken me.