The Devil all the Time stars Tom Holland, Robert Pattinson, Bill Skarsgard, and Sebastian Stan. And yes, I only included the men because the parts the women have in the movie are so small they barely count as roles. That said, here we go with a non spoiler review.

The movie tells the story of some sad sacks in Appalachia, which seems to be the only kind of people that live in Appalachia, if movies are to be believed.  The main character is Tom Holland who is the grown son of the character Bill Skarsgard plays. The movie starts out portraying his childhood and the tragedy it is filled with, then he grows up to get a bunch more different tragedies thrown into the mix.

Oh, and there is also a serial killer couple who actually factor into the story in a lot of sort of neat ways. But it is also gross, and Robert Pattinson’s preacher character is gross.  Actually, most of the people in the movie are pretty gross except for the women.  The poor women. They are given tiny roles with hardly any agency and they do the best they can with what they get but I will say that Riley Keough, the wife in the husband and wife serial killer team, does get a lot out of her screen time.

Sebastian Stan plays the Sheriff and honestly until I looked at him for a while I completely didn’t know it was him. He does NOT look like Bucky!

As for the plot, as I mentioned, it is tragedy after tragedy and people don’t seem to do things that you think they would do (except for the serial killers) and the whole thing is a little muddled, but it is still entertaining.  At least I was entertained.  I thought seeing all these sad, desperate people doing sad, desperate (and sometimes really stupid) things was a satisfying ride. I will say, though, that it will not make you think that Robert Pattinson will be a good Batman.  He is a real villain in this movie, and a super gross one at that.  And as a villain, the stuff he does is at least sensible.

The same cannot be said of the other characters. You might find yourself wondering why someone is doing something and my advice is: if you want to enjoy this movie, don’t think too much.  I am not sure if that is what they were going for, but it is what they got.

My final verdict is that it is worth watching but don’t put it in front of watching Halloween III: Season of the Witch! I mean come on, it’s October!