The First Ever Members Only Podcast!

padcaturday-thumbOK you privileged members you.  Here is the first ever Jenn and Acadia podcast.  This is JUST for you which was necessary because Jenn has a hard time not swearing.  We really hope you like it.  As always, we are looking for feedback on sound quality, the new awesome intro music and especially comments on how great I am.

I am hoping that the Members Only Podcast becomes a regular part of your week and that it is way better than the public one we make.  It would be awful if the public one was better.  Seriously.

  1. Did I just fucking log in to listen to politics? NEXT

    Not paying for this shit. I don’t EVER politics. Bye.

  2. Oh, and sportsball can also eff off. I’m not quitting G+ until it goes down for real. The more aholes that leave, the better it’s getting.

  3. Charlotte McKinney? You mean good ‘ol squaretits?

  4. I love Bobbi Jo. Acadia ambushed me with that politics shit. If I were there in person I would have punched him in the face (which I think I mentioned many times).


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