Remember the OLD band for the Free Credit Report commercials?  They had better songs than the band now.  And I seem to remember that there was some sort of contest to pick the new band.


If you had a job shooting commercials that doofuses like me will memorize and wander around singing forever would you quit?  I mean, assuming that it paid reasonably well, it seems like the perfect job.  I put all the old videos after the jump, but nothing will top the “Dream Girl” one for me.  Is it the resigned sadness?  The fact that they pretend that “com” rhymes with “yard”?  Nah.  It’s the fact that the dude says that if he had known his girl had bad credit he would have left her.

Decent Equifax: the virginity of the 21st century!

Oh, and if anyone really knows why they left, tell me.  I assume they were fired.  If they weren’t then I want to hire them to play at my house.  I bet I could afford them, too.  What else could they possibly be doing?  What’s your favorite video?  Do you think that girl was in any more commercials?  I’m so full of questions!

Sweet!  Someone put them all together.  GO LAZY!

The New Guys (I like this one, actually)