Today I fly back to Charlotte from NY.  I had originally planned to take the whole next two weeks off so I could do gallery stuff and neglect things in my real life but now apparently I can’t and I have to work some and do things around the house (lame).  But I will still have a lot of time to work on the main things in the site that need to get done.  Which are:

  1. You can probably see all the tongue posts going up.  You weren’t supposed to because I meant to back date them and not publish them to Twitter or anything but I forgot some of them.  What do you want from me?  I AM ALL ALONE!
  2. If someone knows how to do CSS I might be able to get the forums looking nice.  They work, but they look terrible.  Like your mom.
  3. I am pretty sure I figured out the best way to do podcasts so I will do some more members only ones after I see Star Wars.
  4. Cider left.  I think she went to someplace where exclamation points are considered money.
  5. Sangfroid might be dead.  He lives way up Maine and I don’t know how to get a hold of him. Maybe he’ll see this and comment!
  6. My flight is delayed three hours so Ima get a massage from the massage dude. He looks like what Marcellus Wallace would look like if he stopped lifting.  Not Ving Rhames, mind you.  Marcellus Wallace.
  7. Apparently I can post from my phone. One less excuse for you, Cider….
  8. I hope the lady who held up the line with her exact change nonsense gets delayed. Just stop it, women.  Nobody cares. That event would be in the same loser Olympics as ‘carrying all the plastic grocery bags in one trip’ and ‘hitting play so the dvr starts right at the black screen before the show comes back on’.

I’ll see you after I see Star Wars. I don’t dare go on the Internet until after that.  I have powerful enemies. I don’t need them telling me spoilers!