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The Haunting – 13th Scariest Movie of All Time

I’ll be very honest.  I tried like hell to figure out what is scary about this movie.  And I am NOT prejudiced against old movies.  Seriously.  If this is one of the 31 Scariest Movies of All Time then fine.  I’m not going to argue with science.  But I AM going to try to figure out why it’s supposed to be scary.  Martin Scorsese claims it is the scariest movie of all time.  For real.  Look it up.

I got nothing.  I don’t know what is wrong with me.  I would be more scared watching a Halloween episode of Happy Days or reading a particularly nasty Jeer in TV Guide. One time I was gonna make a sandwich and I was putting some mustard on it and I forgot to shake the squeeze bottle and all that weird gross mustard pee came out and soaked into the bread.  The mustard pee was scarier than this  movie.

The trailer is after the jump. Also, just so you aren’t left hanging, I gave the mustard pee sandwich to my brother who ate it and never new he ate mustard pee.  It feels good getting that off my chest.

PS – the remake sucked just as much.

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  1. Kyle Dockery

    I watched it for about 10 minutes last night and got bored enough to delete it. Science has failed on this one.

    • Acadia

      We need to find someone who likes it!

      • sangfroid

        It’s because everyone is looking for Emeric Belasco and the ghost porn.

      • Evangeline

        Don’t look at me, pal. Ghostbusters scared me.

  2. captain america

    ……..thriller, Michael Jackson?


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