Okay, so here’s the deal.  Acadia and I spent approximately 583,020,282,638 hours planning and organizing the game and then I spent another 5,867,392,819,484,759,302,827 hours writing and publishing the articles to create the game itself.  At the time, we were experiencing some pesky bandwidth issues so I hosted the images on tinypic.  This is an instance where thrift and frugal bit me on the ass.  Darling Joelle, in an attempt to win the $100 prize, was trying to unscramble the clues and discovered several of the images have been corrupted by tinypic and replaced with random craziness images.  I think that might mean “circle of shit” but I’m not sure.  If it is, then it really is scarily appropriate.

This is a big, hairy donkey balls problem.  Not only are hours upon hours wasted creating the game but the game itself is now ruined and, we fear, put our reputation in jeopardy.  We do not want to have created and promoted a game with a substantial prize to be viewed as a fraud.

Our solution is simple but not easy.  To rectify this unforeseen and distressing turn of events, we created (and by “we,” I mean Acadia) one final game card with every single character needed to unscramble the clue.  We wouldn’t be us if we made it too easy which is why I haven’t included the image in this article.  Instead, it is embedded into one of the LAG articles.  You simply need to find it.  This is like the finding a flag in a hay bale challenge in The Amazing Race.  You either luck out or spend fourteen hours searching.  Either way, perseverance is the key.  Remember, it’s 100 tax-free smackers.  Best of luck, my game playing sweeties.

PS – and this is Acadia.  Vange didn’t mention that you can also choose the one year basic Netflix membership as your prize.  And that if you pick the $100 you need to have paypal.  I’m not mailing you a money order or a jar of dimes, you deadbeats.  This is all assuming you win.