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The Lost Room

The Lost Room

Tomorrow is the 10th anniversary of the whole gallery and I found out that today was my anniversary of signing up for Imgur.  Anniversary fever!  Anway, on Imgur they call it your cake day and people traditionally produce some content to share on their cake day.

So I did a post about “The Lost Room” the greatest miniseries of all time.  And since I am cheap, I am putting that post over here, too.  You can get access to the show on Amazon, I think.  Or find a torrent.  I don’t judge.

But if you want a great, self contained show with a fun premise, good actors and some deep lore, this is the show for you.  Go watch it.  I’ll wait.

THE LOST ROOM trailer from Christopher Leone on Vimeo.

It’s My Cake Day – Watch “The Lost Room”

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  1. Chris Davison

    I have added this to my que. But be forewarned – if it sucks, I shall release a plague of insects upon you that shall decimate at least one portion of one plant! All shall quaver before my mighty wrath!

  2. Cider

    Will add to my list. So many things already on it. Damn it. Dude, what I love best about this is that the site decided a related post would be one you wrote years ago about Lost and Evangeline Lily. Haaaaaaaaa.

  3. SpocKirk

    I have it on DVD. So good!!


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