At last – a movie I know AND that I think is Scary AND that should be higher on the list.  31 Scariest Movies of All Time? You bet your Devil child loving ASS it is.  Where do I begin?  The Omen frigging rules!  Could I do 10 awesome things about it?  Wanna bet?  I bet I can!

  1. Gregory Peck goes through the entire movie with a sort of bewildered charm.  One time in college I was watching it with some friends and when he picked up a phone my friend said: “Come in?”.  Try it.  It’s awesome.
  2. DAMIEN!  IT’S ALL FOR YOU!  (Seriously why don’t they make some sort of Halloween decoration that does that?)
  3. That bitch new nanny.
  4. That bitch nanny’s dog!
  5. Baboons!
  6. David Warner – is he dead?  Like, seriously.  He ruled the 70’s!
  8. The seven knives of Magito.  Magneto?  Nah, I think it was Magito.  Anyway I wonder if they are still around.  Like on Ebay.
  9. How the pictures kept showing how people were gonna die.
  10. Big sheet of glass on the back of a truck!
  11. Gregory Peck hauling ass to a church with an armful of knives!
  12. The whole movie!  Shit I want to watch it now.  This should be higher.  It’s that damn Lee Remick dragging it down.
  13. Trailer after the jump!

The Omen Trailer