I’ve covered the perfect man for the ladies.  Today I’m going to try and help out the guys.   My fellow males, I know that the dating world can be a dangerous and confusing place.  Women are totally different creatures from us and therefore seem to have a totally different mindset.   They just don’t realize that men aren’t made to be introspective.  We don’t always know how were feeling.  We don’t even know what we’re feeling.  A female’s vagina goes inward, so they introspect.  Our penises point outward and we want to knock things over with it.  It’s really that simple, but they don’t want to make it that simple, do they guys?  Fear not.  I’ve found the perfect mate for all of you who just can’t navigate the Estrogen Plains.  Check her out after the jump.

As long as you're in the mood, she's in the mood.